Hello I'm Jan and this the Changelog of my Webside. I hope you enjoy using it.

24th July: Decisions Site created
30th July: Decisions Site done, now in a ugly layout.
2nd August: Decisions Site in a good looking layout wich also is the Layout of the current Webside.
10th August: Back from Vacation start of the developement on the Flightgenerator.
11th August: Version 1.0 of the FLightgenerator is done but still only on my pc.
12th August: Domain and Webserver bought. Version 1.1 of the Flightgenerator is done now with good Grammar and imporved Selection.
13th August: Uploading of the Files on the Weside. Improvement on the Layout and integration of the Changelog. Added "Where should be your destination?" also Added small "not required and not working yet"